Phone Slide
how do we get off our phones and start working?
I created two different prototypes for the Phone Slide.
The first prototype I made during class on Wednesday.  I was happy with the result, especially the structural support it had due to its triangular shape.  However, there was one main problem - the opening to the slide was too narrow which made it impossible to nonchalantly push the phone off the table and into the slide.  
For prototype two, I made sure to make the mouth of the slide wider so that it covered the length of the desk.  I measured my desk out with a ruler to build the Phone Slide specifically for my own workspace.  I think the end result was adequate.  The Phone Slide is discrete and minimalistic, which was the initial goal.  It also functions quite well.  Push the phone off of the desk and the Phone Slide catches the device, funnels it into a small area, and charges it wirelessly.  While I don’t think the design has much potential, I will definitely be using it the rest of the semester.